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January 10, 2019BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

PCC Refusals

The common reasons for Police Clearance Certificate refusal are:

  •  Not included
  •  No Colored Scan attached
  •  Dates don’t cover complete period of stay (for e.g. you stayed in one address until 13th August but PCC cover dates till 31st July – don’t miss even one day)
  • The wrong PCC attached (includes not attaching PCC where you have lived more than 6 months – calculate your stay duration by adding all stays and include PCC if combine stay is 180 days or more)
  • LOE: Not writing explanation of why you weren’t able to attach PCC required and what you have done so far – attach evidence such as PCC Application submitted
  •  Incomplete Documents – Some countries require additional documents such as consent forms for IRCC to directly get info therefore, it is important to read carefully CIC Guidance for each specific country before applying.
  •  States PCC – Some countries do not have Central/Federal PCC System and therefore, you are advised to get PCC from all states you have lived (For work, study, and residential purpose excluding short stays). In addition, read CIC guidance, as they sometimes require Federal PCC as well instead of just State PCC.
  •  Change in Circumstance such as visiting country after having PCC will not remain valid so you need to be careful and may need to apply for PCC again.