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Study Permit

For a foreign national to study at a designated learning institute (DLI) in Canada a study permit is required .  The study permit is valid until the length of the study program plus 90 days extra and if studies are not completed on the time then you must apply for extend your stay.

Note: If your studies are completed before the validity of study permit then the 90 days time start from the day when you receive first notifications from the institute or the day you get degree, diploma or certificate .

Work On Campus

Do you know that you can work on campus without a work permit if you meet certain criteria . Contact us for more information.

Work off Campus

Certain requirements are to be met to work off campus without work permit.To know about the requirements contact us

Work as a co-op student or intern

To apply for co-op work permit or to know more information please do contact us.

Spouse or common law partner can work

Do you know that your spouse or common law partner can work while accompanying you. Contact us for more information.

Work after Graduation

After the completion of studies you can work temporarily or permanently. To understand your path to Permanent residency please do contact us .